School Library

At the American Academy School, we emphasize reading and we believe that mastery of reading is critical to the development of language. We have a large well-stocked library with books on a variety of topics. References books for diverse disciplines, from pure sciences to forestry, environmental studies to literature, from epics to bestsellers are available. A number of magazines, daily newspapers are also available to keep the students abreast of the happenings around the world.

Computer Center

Information Technology being the new mantra of our times, computers have special place in our curriculum. We have the latest software and hardware to provide students with first-hand experience of the applications and possibilities of Information Technology. Incorporating modern multi-media technology and computer-aided learning adds a new dimension to the students development.

Athletic Facility

Athletic facilities include a full size gymnasium, which allows playing of soccer, volleyball, badminton, basketball, etc. Our soccer field is a brand of artificial turf within the school compound.